Alphabet International Camps has a wide range of programs including outdoor education and adventure, multi-sport and teambuilding activities tailored to meet your school’s needs.


We work closely with schools to provide 2 to 5 day experiences which can be integrated into their curriculum in order to construct a unique program which shares the school’s goals and values while providing a fun and engaging experience for students.

School Program

All programs place students in a safe and secure environment where they are challenged to work together to acquire 21st century skills and leadership development. Objectives for every program include:


  • Crafting a unique experience aligned with the individual goals of each school
  • Challenging students to strengthen their communication and teambuilding skills
  • Introducing activities which encourage critical thinking, self-reliance and confidence
  • Promoting respect and a greater appreciation for the natural world
  • Engaging in exciting and inspiring outdoor sports and activities

Current Partnerships include

St. George’s British International School

Rome, Italy. Dedicated camps for YR 7 and YR 12 students as part of the school’s IB program, with the clear objective of developing teambuilding and leadership skills.

Core International

Rome, Italy. Dedicated camps for YR 3-4 annually and YR 5-6 biennially, focusing on building independence, developing multi-skills and strengthening teamwork.

Villaggio Scolastico Montessori Palocco

Rome, Italy. Specific summer camp weeks offered to the Montessori school classes as an integral part of their academic program to complete the scholastic year, with younger classes (1 and 2 primary) accompanied by a school teacher.

CEFA – Associazione di Famiglie per l’Educazione e la Cultura

Rome, Italy. English summer day camps organized and conducted at the Iunior International Institute premises for Petranova and Iunior students as well as the general public.